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Arisaka M-LOK Scout Weapon Light Mounts

The Arisaka Defense M-LOK Scout Mounts are on point! I use the Streamlight Protac Rail Mount lights on my rifles. They have the same mounting as SureFire Scouts, so they work with the Arisaka Defense M-LOK Scout Mounts. Arisaka has two types. The Inline and the Offset. The inline is a straight arm mount and the offset is offset at a 45 degree angle. I have used both of these mounts for months now. My battle blaster is more of a go to war rifle. I have used the mounts and dropped the rifles from benches onto the ground a few times. Used my rifles against barriers and they have not budged. Make sure to use blue Loctite, like anything you put on your rifle! These are made in the USA and are my go to light mounts. You cannot get any better. They do what you need, are made of great materials and have perfect tolerances and fit/finish.

ARISAKA OFFSET M-LOK SCOUT MOUNT I originally had the offset Arisaka Defense M-LOK Mount. If you watched my Budget Jack Carbine build you saw that mount used. It really sucks against the rail with no wasted space. Inferior mounts definatley do not have the tight tolerances their offset M-LOK mounts have. Just looking at it you see quality, but using it confirms the quality. It is really low profile with a thickness of less than 0.165". Now given this is a more structurally even design and the design lends itself to spreading out any stresses, they use 6061 aluminum. The inline design does not have the real estate to spread stresses out, so it uses 7075 aluminum.

SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 1.265" Weight: 0.4 oz PRODUCT LINK:

ARISAKA INLINE M-LOK SCOUT MOUNT After using the offset mount I really became curious with what else Arisaka was offering. So I got one of their inline mounts. I was redoing my Battle Blaster as you have seen in a few videos on my YouTube channel. This presented the perfect opportunity to move the offset scout mount onto it and use the inline mount on my Budget Jack Carbine. I installed it in between the Picatinnyrail and the side of the rail. This is at the 10:30 o'clock position. My EraThr3 M-LOK Rail provided the M-LOK mounting at that position. The inline M-LOK scout mount sits a little taller than the offset mount. It runs a little thicker than the offset. But given it's arm design it has to be thicker to be strong enough to endure battle. Other mounts on the market use 6061 T6 aluminum, but Arisaka used 7075 aluminum. The 6061 is a softer mount and I have heard stories of people bending their light mounts. So good on Arisaka for using the better metal with their mounts. Still it is a streamline mount and the height of the mount puts your lights mount 0.20" above the rail. That is closer than the Impact Weapon Components Inline Thorntail, which puts the light mounting height at 0.21".The best thing the Arisaka M-LOK Inline Scout mount is $13 cheaper than another popular option, the Inline Thorntail by Impact Weapon Components.

SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 3.0" Height: 0.20" (at Surefire Scout Light mounting point) Weight: 0.6 oz PRODUCT LINK:

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