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Inforce WML Weapon Light

Inforce WML Weapon Light

The Inforce WML Weapon Light is a good option. It is small and recently updated. The updated Inforce WML Weapon Light version, which I have in this review, provides more lumens (400) than previous (250) Inforce WML Weapon Light versions. The Inforce WML Weapon Light is a light which provides a softer center than other lights on the market like the Streamlight Pro Tac Rail Mount 1 or

SureFire Scout lights. This is where personal preference comes in. I have recently moved to running a light with a stronger (more candela) center. It has been shown to conceal your location over softer center lights (If in the attackers face). It also projects the beam longer distances. So the Inforce WML Weapon Light is more for inside home defense. Compared to others on the market it needs to improve it's weaker center to keep up with the competition in my opinion. I have never had any operation problems with my Inforce WML Weapon Lights, they work. On the current version there is a switch to move it to permanent momentary which I like. Some previous versions did not do this. So overall the current version is great. But some of the competition has pulled away. I would like to see Inforce make a aluminum bodied version of their light, possible as a premium model. Depending on polymer bodies in a combat environment would be a concern of mine, which is why I say to use it for home defense, a less abusive environment. They have improved the mounting to the point where it has no issues.

One thing that was improved was the engagement button. Before it was smooth, but they added serrations to the rubber button. That is a major improvement for wet or slick conditions. This does

come in a IR model as well if that is a something you need. So overall the Inforce WML Weapon Light

is trending in the right direction, but I believe there are some better options on the market for the money since the Streamlight Pro Tac Rail Mount's have come out. That is not to say the Inforce WML is not a great weapon light, it is. I just believe that this is more of a niche weapon light that fills certain situations well, but not all. The main thing is to conceal where you are and when using the Inforce WML and it's soft center it struggles to do this over the competition like the Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount or SureFire Scout series. This is the main concern this the Inforce WML since they have fixed the body and function considerably since it was first introduced. So if you subscribe to a larger flood the Inforce WML is for you, but if you want a white hot center it is not. As you can see in the two examples below, the WML has 50 more lumens (350 vs 400) and larger flood, but a much softer center. Overall, if weight and size is your want then the Inforce WML Weapon Light is for you. If you want a light that is more rugged or the option of a tape switch another light might be for you.

Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount 1 @ 15ft (350 Lumens)
Inforce WML @ 15ft (400 Lumens)


Constant / Momentary / Strobe


400 Lumens


High efficiency emitter provides up to 1 1/2 hours


3oz/85.048g with battery.


Length: 4.1 in. / 10.414 cm Bezel Diameter: 1 in. / 2.54 cm


Integrated MIL-STD-1913/NAR rail. No tools required.


Ergonomic contoured design for easy on/off.


Safety lever / Head Rotation


Reinforced polymer body offers high impact resistance and durability. Patented heat dissipating vents for improved LED thermal management.


Up to 66 feet


1 Lithium 123A included, head removes for battery replacement.

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