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Warbonnet Travel Hammock Bug

The Warbonnet Travel Hammock Bug Net is superb. Firstly, the Warbonnet Travel Hammock Bug Net is made of black 1oz polyester noseeum netting, which I can confirm is so see through you might not notice it there! Construction is top notch, with no flaws in workmanship or anything coming apart. I have used this Warbonnet Travel Bug Net for almost a year now, and can report it is worth the money. The great thing about this Warbonnet Travel Bug Net is you can put it on and take it off as you wish. So in the winter, when I do not need it, I just simply do not pack it in with me.Even though it does not weigh anything, coming it at around 7 ounces total.

This Warbonnet Travel Hammock Bug Net is made for their Traveler hammock, but can be used with any hammock with a hammock body ridgeline of 100"-101" or less. On my hammock system, I use mostly a Kammok Roo hammock, and use a adjustable whoopie sling ridgeline from, and I adjust mine within that amount as I like sag to my hammock for sleeping as flat as possible. Now getting into this bug net is done by unzippering the YKK zippers and entering the generous space once fully unzipped. I unzip one side and get in usually, as it can be a pain at times to get to the foot area zipper. That is one thing I would like to see added, which would be pulls on the zippers. Any kind of super lightweight cord will do, and it is something I will be doing this winter to mine. My main concern with bug nets is if the seams will break.

On this Warbonnet bug net I have seen no such thing and have seen anything to be concerned with.

The hammock is place inside the bug net by openings on each end, which are velcro'd shut then. Put your hammock through the end, make sure to not have anything in the hammock so it goes through smoothly. Then velcro up the ends, use the tie out points if you want, and adjust it how you want it. That is all, it takes really a minute to do. It does come in a very nice stuff sack and compresses down to nothing and I use this at the bottom of my packs, as you want the heavy stuff at the top of your pack. Warbonnet makes great gear and this is just one example of the great stuff they are making. The only thing I could see changing would be the zipper configuration, as I stated it can be hard to zip from the feet are, but once you learn what works then that becomes a non issue. Overall, I like mine and recommend if you are in the market to check out Warbonnet for hammock gear.

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