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Hennessy Hex Fly 70D Hammock Tarp

The Hennessy Hex Fly 70D Hammock Tarp is probably the best on the market regarding value. The Hennessy Hex Fly Hammock Tarp is 144" x 120" and made of a tough 70D Polyurethane Coated Polyester Rip-stop material and comes in a dark coyote brown color. If you are just getting into hammock backpacking or even looking for a durable long lasting tarp, the Hennessy Hex Fly Hammock Tarp is the one for you. Many people will ask about a good tarp that will last, and it for me is this Hennessy Hex Fly Hammock Tarp. Now this tarp is in a hexagonal shape, which lends itself to being great length down the center line, and gets sucked in a little tighter toward the bottom. This tarp provides good shelter from the weather, as I have had it in rain, sleet and snow with no problems at all. My Kammok Roo hamock fits nicely inside this tarp and my Kammok Roo is ten (10') feet long.

With this Hennessy Hex Fly Hammock Tarp being made of the 70D material it is not the lightest tarp you can find, but in my use of tarps the super ultra lightweight ones are finicky. You have to use more tie out points with ultra lightweight tarps, so this in the middle if you will weight Hennessy Hex Fly Hammock Tarp is perfect. It can handle wind very well, unlike those ultra lightweight tents. You are only sacrificing a few ounces anyhow, which is really nothing in the long run. You can really shoot yourself in the foot with ultra lightweight gear, so in my opinion going with lightweight gear is the way and let ultra lightweight for backup options. Construction is great as well, with double stitching on all sides and they are straight.

The tie out point on this Hennessy Hex Fly Hammock Tarp are great. Provided are a ring and a clip tie out point. Lots of options, and at each tie out there are areas on the back made to tuck in your guyline and keeping a nice tidy package for your tarp setup. The tie out points a sewed well, but the tie out hardware could be changed to a bit more durable materials. They have not broke yet, but come across as a bit weak. But as I said, they have not broke yet, so I cannot complain about them, it was just an observation. The center line on this tarp is great, with triangular rings, that are sew very well into the tarp. The cord included is less than desirable and I recommend changing it out with something like GLOcord, 3mm.

Overall this hammock tarp is in the middle, it is not to heavy, not to expensive, but is built super well. This is in my pack most backpack trips and I enjoy using it.

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