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FireFly Stove by QiWiz

The FireFly Stove by QiWiz is one of the best, considering it weighs only 2.55oz's! The FireFly Stove by QiWiz is constructed well, assembles quickly and is rather sturdy for such a lightweight piece of gear. The FireFly Stove by QiWiz has a stainless steel floor mesh, and comes with pot supports. The pot supports are the weak part off this stove, as other stove like the emberlit have mastered the perfect pot stands, but the FireFly Stove by QiWiz is in the business of making things lighter, and sometimes being lighter means being innovative and I think this FireFly Stove is certainly just that. The optional FlexPort allows you to feed longer pieces of wood into the firebox, which I found to be very helpful (it is a little more money), but you cannot open it once you have you pot on top, unless you take it off then open it up more. It is made by just a regular dude trying to bring another creative product to market, which he has and has done well. Berz Rating: 94/100

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