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Revolvers Better Than Semi-Auto for Wilderness Carry? (Bear, Moose, Mountain Lions)

Are Revolvers better than Semi-Automatic pistols like Glock 20 10MM? Not at all. Revolvers and semi-auto pistols like Glock 20+ years ago maybe there was a point that revolvers always work. Which still then was not true. But, after shooting 20,000+ pistol rounds in my life, I can attest that people stating this myth, revolvers work and auto pistols do not, is false. If you use good ammo and shoot your defensive ammo at the range regularly and it works, there is zero reason not to carry an auto pistol (Glock, xD, M&P, SIG) in the wilderness against things like Bear (Brown, Black, Grizzly), Moose, Mountain Lions, etc. No, revolvers are not better than Glocks when it comes to reliability.

So carry your 10MM (Like a Glock 20 Gen 5) auto with the same confidence as your .454 Casull, .44 Mag or .357 Mag revolver for bears as your wilderness carry! They are just as reliable.




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