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Best Bourbon Ever! (Budget to Pricey!)

The best bourbon out there is reviewed here. The best bourbons are ones you like! If you like the best bourbon, from budget and cheap to pricey and steep, this is the best bourbon review of the best bourbons I like.

The best bourbons for me start out with budget friendly Jim Beam Repeal Batch. At $20, it is not pricey and is well rounded and I prefer it over Evan Williams Bottled in Bond, which is many people favorite budget bourbon.

Next on best bourbons is the stout Elijah Craig Small Batch. For around $33 Elijah Craig hits all the notes and is probably the best bourbon in terms of a quintessential bourbon.

Now on to Coopers Craft Barrel Reserve! This is similar in how I feel about Elijah Craig. Well rounded and not pricey at $35.

I have Baker 7 Year bourbon as my next best bourbon for 2023 and 2024. This packs a punch and acts like a higher proof longer aged Jim Beam Repeal Batch. Which both are ironically distilled by Jim Beam!

Last, but my favorite is the unique and never duplicated Smoke Wagon Uncut and Unfiltered. I love Smoke Wagon Uncut and Unfiltered for its bite and roller coaster of flavor that lasts a while. You will not forget this one, in a good way!

You must buy these and try these, if you are into bourbon! The question is, is it bourbon night? For me that is Friday or Saturday. Thanks for watching!


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