Master Chief by 3 River Blades

The Master Chief knife by 3 River Blades is something that should be in your camping gear pile. This is an example of a perfect camp knife or base camp knife. Shelter making, food preparation (too a degree), wood processing and even self defense can be achieved with this knife. Now 3 River Blades takes […]

Prana Bronson Outdoor Pants

The Prana Bronson Pant is amazing. What the Prana Bronson Pant does is give you a little stretch, a gusseted crotch, DWR treatment and triple stitching construction! But you do pay for all that at around $70 per pair, which is very high. I got my Prana Bronson Pants for outdoor activities and have had […]

Ares Armor Combat XII Pack

The Ares Armor Combat XII Pack is a unique pack to say the least. There have been some throughout the years that might have a feature or two of this pack, but nothing has everything this offers. The Ares Armor Combat XII Pack’s main selling point is the six magazine pouch carrier on the top […]

Phillips Brother OWB Holsters

Phillips Brothers Holsters was recommended to me by a subscriber. After looking at Phillips Brothers Holsters Facebook page I knew they took the time to make good holsters. I talked with them about what I wanted, and it was shipped relatively fast. Upon arrival I did the usual inspection and found sound construction. Phillips Brothers […]

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle

The Vapur Eclipse Flexible Soft Water Bottle is simply awesome. I had some initial thoughts on this Vapur Eclipse Flexible Soft Water Bottle that it would not hold up to some abuse, but I can tell you that I have throw around, in and out of bags and in the back of the truck and […]

Gregory Baltoro 65 Backpack

The Gregory Baltoro 65 is a great pack, with a decent amount of room, and a very thought out design. The Gregory Baltoro 65 is made of 210D DDR and 210D x 420D HD flat weave fabrics, and are extremely durable and weatherproof to a degree. Using this pack the last year, I have some […]

Best Home Defense Gun

When thinking of “the best” home defense gun, you have to get one thought out of your head. That is that there even is “the best” home defense gun. I see countless videos and articles on this subject, and frankly it can become nauseating. When something is your opinion, then it is that, but there […]

Tac-Tech-Cal Kydex Holsters

The Tac-Tech-Cal Kydex Holster I have is made well, made with integrity and fits my Glock 19 w/ TLR-1 perfectly. When looking for a Kydex holster, one thing you cannot tell from pictures is how the gun fits. Even if there is good definition to a mold, it does not guarantee retention will be correct. […]