Tactical Tailor Extended Range Operator Pack

The Tactical Tailor Extended Range Operator Pack is one of my favorite pieces of gear for tactical and even outdoor use. With 3,100 cubic inches of space to fill, the Tactical Tailor Extended Range Operator Pack gives you what you need to get through extended operations or even backpacking adventures. The main thing that stood […]

DIY Gathered End Hammock

This is a guide to making a DIY gathered end hammock. This DIY gathered end hammock I am making will be made using Epsilon Multicam fabric. It is a 1.5oz fabric and will hold around 225lbs. It also has some weather resistance, which we will get to later in this article. The main reason for […]

Platypus Plus Water Bottle

The Platypus Plus Water Bottle is an example of USA made ingenuity. With Platypus making this Plus water Bottle flexible, if gives you the ability to have a container for water (34oz capacity) when you need it, but not take up space and weight (1.3oz when empty) in your pack when you do not. I […]

Warbonnet Travel Hammock Bug Net

The Warbonnet Travel Hammock Bug Net is superb. Firstly, the Warbonnet Travel Hammock Bug Net is made of black 1oz polyester noseeum netting, which I can confirm is so see through you might not notice it there! Construction is top notch, with no flaws in workmanship or anything coming apart. I have used this Warbonnet Travel Bug […]

Hennessy Hex Fly 70D Hammock Tarp

The Hennessy Hex Fly 70D Hammock Tarp is probably the best on the market regarding value. The Hennessy Hex Fly Hammock Tarp is 144″ x 120″ and made of a tough 70D Polyurethane Coated Polyester Rip-stop material and comes in a dark coyote brown color. If you are just getting into hammock backpacking or even […]

Whoopie Sling Installation on Hammock

The Whoopie Sling is a great innovation. Whoopie Slings while being able to handle great amounts of weight (With 7/64 Amsteel Blue handling upwards of 1600 pounds). So changing out standard suspensions that come with the likes of ENO hammocks, Grand Trunk hammocks, Hammock Bliss hammocks, Kammok hammocks, etc. is a common theme among avid […]