Eureka! Assault Outfitter 4 Tent

The Eureka! Assault Outfitter 4 Tent has provided my family with a great tent that can be counted on. We have had it in the rain and very humid environments mainly and it has excelled at not having condensation on the inside of the tent. It is roomy and relatively well made. All that being […]

Valandre Swing 700 Sleeping Bag

The Valandre Swing 700 sleeping bag is a great bag in that it makes sleeping outside feel majorly comfortable! The inside of the Valandre Swing 700 sleeping bag is its largest drawing point for me. Valandre uses top notch materials, but materials that are going to make you fall off to sleep right when your […]

Troy AK Battlerails: Initial Thoughts

The Troy AK Battlerails (For AK-47/74) defiantly fit the void I have identified years ago in the AK market. While the AR has been moving at light speed with high speed low drag accessories, the AK has been slower to move in this direction. Most AK rails/hand guard on the market are big, clunky and […]

Ultimak AK Scout Rail (AK-47/74)

The Ultimak AK Scout Rail for the AK-47/74 is and has been the top option as the best first upgrade available. The Ultimak AK Scout Rail provides you with the option to add an optic and light which are really the only things needed to run an AK efficiently. The Ultimak AK Scout Rail weighs […]

Magpul CTR Buttstock

The Magpul CTR Buttstock is a staple in almost any tactical person’s parts inventory. Magpul in creating the CTR Buttstock created what most would call the default in a bulletproof stock. They are decently priced and provide excellent functionality with being perfectly produced. I started using a CTR on my AK-74 rifle and use it […]

CrossTac D-Belt 2 Tactical Belt

When you want to use a everyday kind of a belt, but want some sort of stiffness to it, the CrossTac D-Belt 2 Tactical Belt is a great option. Now while this is not a duty belt and amazingly rigid belt, it serves the purpose for IWB very well. The CrossTac D-Belt 2 Tactical Belt also has […]

Krebs Keymod AK Rail (Initial Thoughts)

My initial thoughts on the Krebs AK (AK-47/AK-74) Rail is that it is sleeker than I imagined. Many times rail makers for the AK do not engineer enough and end up with bulky rails. Not with Krebs AK (AK-47/AK-74) Rail, this rail barely goes out beyond the same profile as the receiver/frame. Krebs made sure […]